2019-20 has been an interesting and challenging year for the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design here at The Working Men’s College. The Foundation is based around the principle that the first two terms are for working things out, making mistakes and experimenting, and the third term is the time to “show off” everything you have learnt in a Final Major Project. This project is unique in many art student’s education experience and provides both a confirmation of specialism and skill, as well as a sound jumping off point for further study or employment in the creative industries.  

This year however Covid 19 and the lockdown struck just as we were beginning to introduce the FMP and gather first drafts of the Project Proposal documents. Because everyone had different opportunities to work away from college our awarding body decided that grades this year would be estimated rather than based on the FMP, but many of our learners have chosen to continue with the project at home with the ongoing online support of our tutors. Others have taken the end of year exhibition as an opportunity to showcase work they had completed prior to lockdown, or alternative projects they have been on working on during their time at home.  

I am extremely impressed by this years cohort, their dedication and their creativity. I hope you enjoy looking at this online end of year show, and please a comment on any work you particularly enjoy, just like you might if you met an artist while perusing a physical show at the college.  (you need to be on the learner’s individual page to add a comment, just click on their name to get there and scroll to the bottom to “leave a reply”) 

Anna Marlen-Summers – Course Leader

Welcome to the virtual Foundation end of year show! I have been so pleased to see our learners continuing to engage with creativity during these unusual and unprecedented times. Whilst I have missed popping in to our studios at college during FMP and seeing what you are up to, I have been kept up to speed by Anna. The work produced has been innovative and responsive and we hope our online show means that more friends and family will be able ‘visit’!
I wish you luck with all your future ventures and don’t hesitate to visit us once we are back on site…we always enjoy hearing what you are up to and how Working Men’s College has helped you on your learning journey.

Lisa MarklewDirector of Learning for Arts & Vocational Skills